Welcome to A Habitat for Learning
A Habitat for Learning is a non-profit organization that welcomes the opportunity to serve the early childhood development needs of families from all walks of life. A warm family friendly atmosphere, wholesome organic foods, and a strong character based accelerated academic program is what our parents can expect for their children when they enroll them at A.H.F.L.


There is a sense of joy felt by our children because they are well cared for when they come through our doors.


There is ample opportunity for safe play throughout the day at A Habitat for Learning.


Children love to have fun! We offer a variety of equipment and toys for children to have plenty of fun with.

Teachable Moments

Days at AHFL are filled with a plethora of teachable moments.


Happy faces and happy children make a happy heart!

Great Fieldtrips

We offer a variety of field trips to enhance our children's learning experiences.

Fun Filled Fieldtrips

Children can look forward to exciting and fun filled events.

Accelerated Academics

Our children excel in academic skills.


Learning is a life - long endeavor. Children who learn at A Habitat for Learning are off to a great start!