Accelerated Academic Program

We Offer an Accelerated Academic Program
A Habitat for Learning believes that students receive optimum benefit from a learning process that values them as individuals and provides a personalized approach to learning. Through an accelerated, yet age appropriate learning program based on personalizing the academic process, each student is placed at a level where they can best learn and be encouraged to take responsibility for learning. In doing this, we help nurture the child’s natural abilities to be reflective questioners, articulate communicators, critical thinkers, and skilled problem solvers, enabling them to reach exemplary standards.
To nurture curiosity in our children we seek to ensure that our own conclusions are never our children’s only starting points, but rather, that their skills and questions are honed so that they can go forward and imagine, ask, wonder, and contribute in ways we cannot yet know.

We strive to make each child’s individual learning lessons, our assessment strategies, and the experiences we offer every child as authentic as possible – preparing them to meet social challenges and standards. To make learning authentic for our children, A Habitat for Learning’s approach is as an assisting organization with mechanisms to take and use feedback. It will always be the responsibility of parents, teachers and other key individuals in the child’s environment to work together to nurture and develop the potential of every child.

Children are taught knowledge through an accelerated academic program. They are inspired in positive character and encouraged to demonstrate positive life principles and respect for their fellow person. We strive to assist each child to gain knowledge and skills that cross gender, social, national and ethnic lines to produce a cooperative environment in any school, home and society. A Habitat for Learning is always willing to work closely with each parent to create a positive environment in which to teach and raise their child. In doing this, A Habitat for Learning hopes to plant a seed that will have the opportunity to grow in each child that will assist them to later in life earn diplomas for what they know and can do, and that they will be prepared to succeed in high school, college, in the work world, and/or other life endeavors.